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24 Hours in Germany


If you had asked Tan & I last weekend what we would be doing for Easter we would have told you no doubt that we were off to Rome, Italy for a solid 36 hours. We woke up the morning of Good Friday pumped and ready to finally have International flight plans that actually looked "promising."

Knowing that Tan & I would have a very short time in Rome we decided to just pack ONE backpack and most importantly our camera bag. We recently got to partner with Marlondo Leather so their XL leather back pack was our bag of choice, not only to test it out, but also because it is HUGE and plenty of space to store everything we needed for 36 hours. We will be doing a really cool blog post and photo shoot of their products this coming week so stay tuned!

So we get to the airport soooo ready to see Italy. We were practically already drooling thinking of all of the delicious pizza, pasta and croissants. Yummy. Seriously, I was prepared to break my diet REALLL quick when I got there. As we are sitting waiting on our flight there is an announcement stating that there is a delay.. that announcement turned into two.. then tree.. then 4. (Insert huge looks of disappointment here)

Knowing that we already had a very limited amount of time in Rome we decided to play "destination roulette." We put it in our travel planner app and a few options popped up. The flight leaving the soonest, and by soonest I mean the doors were going to be closing in 15 minutes at that point. We looked at each other and questioned, "Germany???" We both agreed that flying business to Germany would outweigh any trip to Rome that could potentially be delayed for hours longer. Not to mention, Rome's weather was said to be super rainy & Germany was sunny and clear skies!

9:00am We arrived in Germany & headed straight to Avis for our Rental car. We wanted something that was roomy so that we could make it into our own Airbnb for the evening & not have to pay for a hotel we are cheap when we travel for short periods. ( Don't worry we showered.. I know what you were thinking)

The rest of our trip was touring the grounds of old castles, talking with the locals in pubs while chatting over schnitzel and bratwurst. By the way for those who have asked Schnitzel is basically Chicken Fried Pork in my opinion.

We ended up eating dinner in this place where we were the only Americans and it was the most amazing food, service and time possible. We walked in and there were no seats possible so the owner sets us down smack dab into the middle of a table with a different family on each side. It was the perfect experience because we got to chat with them about Germany, and just about everything.

We attended Easter Mass in a BEAUTIFUL cathedral right downtown Frankfurt, and that is something I will never forget. We are not Catholic, but to witness something so sacred to so many was something very near and dear to my heart. It was also a perfect reminder that it was Easter weekend and helped remind us to reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ.

We drove to Heidelberg about an 1 hour from Frankfurt, and the drive alone through the German country side was soo worth it! If you are looking for a different place to visit I highly recommend Germany- it is stunning. We walked around the Heidelberg Castle for about 2 hours and walked around the city. It is located along the river so if you can imagine a gorgeous picturesque little German town on the hillside of a river, then you have Heidelberg.

We really just drove & walked around we wanted to see as much as possible in the short time that we were there so we just went- none stop. We almost got locked in a German Parking Garage for good, and I also had plenty of time to perfect my German accent. Feel free to ask me to share it with you when you see me. (;

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