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About Us

Hi! We are the duo behind Marissa Leland. Would you believe me if I told you that we go by Kimber & Tanner in real life? Confusing right? Let me simplify it for ya! I am Marissa Kimber & that handsome fella' is Leland Tanner. We've always gone by our middle names so we thought it would be awesome to put our first names to a wonderful use!

We've been married for almost four years & in that time have perfected our love of salsa, traveling and late night baking adventures. You'll either find us at the dog park, blueberry farm or taking pictures.

We LOVE to work with businesses and to help document their story. Tanner is the video and I'm the photo leg of MLP. We were both raised by entrepreneurs so entering into the Branding photography world has been the most perfect area for us to help bring business owners closer to their goals.

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