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The Two Behind "Marissa Leland"

Hi! So as we launch our new website we thought it would be a fun idea to have our own little section of the site for a blog. We often feel like our clients become family to us, and we love to stay in touch with them about what is going on in their lives. And surprisingly, we have had several people who think we are interesting enough as well that they want to know more about us too!

So here it is, feel free to ignore this section if you don't find us interesting! haha

Tanner and I have been married for a little over a year and it has absolutely flown by for us. We dated throughout college for 3 years and 3 hours apart so we like to refer to ourselves as weekenders. We only saw each other on the weekends and Tanner racked up some serious miles on his car coming down to see me in Arkansas from OSU. Tan is an OSU grad and I went to UAFS in Fort Smith, AR. We both love life and we LOVE TO TRAVEL. The chances of us being home on a weekend or Friday night are SLIM. We love to get out and explore and travel to different cities and learn new things.

So Tanner & I are what we like to call "lovers" he is my guy and I am his lady. We have always just had this connection, and if I do say so myself we have a story for the books. Maybe one day I will blog about that! I mean it is like our own little Nicholas Spark's story. haha A girl can dream right?!

These are a few of our engagement photos... to say the least I am obsessed with Leah Musgrove and her work.

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