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Coming out of a funk

You've been there right? Feeling as if what you are doing just isn't "enough."

I have been on the struggle train lately and it's not because of anything anyone other than myself is doing. I have been allowing myself to just sit, be stagnant and not explore new creative avenues and pathways for my sessions.

There is a heck of a lot of photographers in DFW. I mean it when I say it is SATURATED. So, what in the world am I doing just being complacent where I am and not just striving to be better? I have no idea. And that is why last night, I turned off the funk and I am climbing out of this safe hidey hole that I have been in for a few months.. dare I say years?

I am so ready to deliver some of the best images I have ever taken this fall season and I am really looking forward to filling up my calendar with couples, families and individuals that TRUST me. That have taken their choice of photographer and selected me, talk about an honor. They could take their time, their business and their hard earned money anywhere else, but yet they (YOU) choose me.. wow. Why am I just now realizing how much better I can be for you all. I'm sorry about that, but no more. I am here now, present and wanting nothing more than to succeed in this business of mine and fuel it with love, passion, creativity and effort.

So, what is going to change? Well y'all the first thing is going to be STYLING. Styling your family for your session with me is like the first step to a successful session. Styling in a way that add texture, vibrancy and movement to a session will bring a B- session to an A+. I will be the first to admit when a family walks up with their wonderful coordinated outfits with a mix of dresses, neutrals and bold jeweled tones I swoon a little inside. Instant inspiration comes to me how I want those items of clothing to move and shine in the photos.

Think about it this way, when you take the time to step outside of your everyday clothes and maybe wear or purchase a special piece of clothing you are allowing yourself to recognize that these photos ARE a special occasion. You start feeling a little special, a perk gets in your step and soon enough you will be walking the runway in your house practicing for your session because you feel like a million bucks. That is what we need in front of the camera. Confidence and style.

& LOCATIONS are going to change. I usually try to keep it within a 30 minute radius for locations, but I am finally realizing DFW is not Arkansas or Oklahoma where beautiful areas exist right around ever corner. So in DFW, there needs to be a special effort made to find a location that grabs the essence of the family and pulls them in to make them stand out. See what I am saying? It's worth the drive to find a hidden gem of a location or something that might require a little extra driving.

In the meantime, I am upping my self care day. I have been getting up every morning and going for a walk listening to an audiobook or podcast. This has been helping me do some soul searching and finding peace at where I am at in life.

Well friends, there it was.... a first of I hope many blog posts. What did you think? Is this something I should do!!?


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