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You had me at Palm Leaves.


HAPPIEST OF FRIDAYS TO YOU! So man, I am having a hard time believing it is only Friday, since Tan & I have been in West Palm Beach, Florida the last two days it had me feeling like we had already reached the weekend. First, let me applaud myself for getting the city correct. We were in Palm Beach NOT Palm Springs like I had said to the locals 900x (insert hand on face emoji here)

So Tanner had to go to the airport in WPB for some work stuff so of course when he let me know that flights were open I told him to book it, and I would just hang out on the beach! I didn't have anything on my itinerary to do other than truly just hang out on the beach and possibly get a little bronze glow.

I am unlike every person who grew up in the South and this was my first time actually being in Florida.. how is that possible? I have no idea, I mean I have been in the Miami Airport.. but that was as close to the Florida Sand that my little feet had touched.

Now, I will be honest. When people post their vacation photos unless they are personally in the photos I tend to just skim through and not even look.. I have no idea why, but I guess I would rather see people in my photos than not!? No CLUE. Anywho.. so in case you are like me I really would hate to bore you so I will just give a quick rundown of what I found totally recommend worth in WPB!

I got to West Palm Beach at 4:00 I went straight to the terminal bathroom and put my swimsuit on under my clothes ( I wasted no time) I knew Tan wasn't getting in for a few more hours so I thought why not. I hopped in an uber and went to Lake Worth Beach & it did not disappoint. It was only a short 15 minute trip from the airport it was busy, but not too busy and I was there for a good solid 3 hours by myself and totally enjoyed EVERY.SINGLE. MINUTE.

I had to laugh because Palm Beach is def. more a retirement area than other beaches that I've been to so I got a chuckle every time a single older elderly gentlemen would sit next to me on the sand and start talking about anything from their retirement plans, grandchildren and one guy who was 62 even told me that he had a 5 year old son... my response to that one was, "go get em tiger." As I saw Tan from a distance walking up after FORTY-FIVE minutes of this wonderfully nice gentleman telling me about his 5 year old son I waved at Tan, and this guy was like uhh whose that?! I said my husband, and he said "Oh! Is he the jealous type? Should I leave?" I just chuckled, and said I think you are safe old friend. haha

That night we just hung out on the beach and went to eat at Thai Bay House, and it did not disappoint. We followed that up with dessert at our hotel & called it a night.

Thursday is when ALL of my wildest golden girl dreams came true, and by that I was introduced to The Colony at Palm Beach. I was just strolling when I came upon this pretty in pink boutique hotel I just had to go inside, and I am sooo glad I did because this is what I found: GASP!!

Even the wicker chairs on the front walk had me swooning!

Okay, but for real?! GOLD STRIPES AND PALM LEAVES?!

Wait?! Is that PINK and PALM LEAVES!? Yes.. yes it is. And you can bet your bottom dollar I was almost in tears because my camera man husband wasn't there to snap a picture of me in this perfectly colored and decorated hallway. It is PERFECT.

After this I somehow managed to find myself on a private little area of Palm Beach and it was just me and 6 other people. Quiet, cozy and just all around relaxing.

Tan was off work just for a little bit before we had to catch our flight back so we decided on a late lunch and to try Sloan's Ice Cream.. EVERYONE raved about it, and how it is "luxury" ice cream... it was delicious, but I think people go there for more of the atmosphere. Tan was fangirling it hard.. just kidding, I was.

This Sloane's was in City Park and the shopping there was to die for! So take not of that place for next time you go! There was a Paper Source and Anthropologie next door to one another. That for me makes a good days worth of shopping.

It was a quick 36 hour trip to Palm Beach, but it was an amazing little trip. I had plenty of time at the beach, and Tan got to work & hang out with me. (His two favorite things, ha)

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