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Life as we know it

You guys. It is no secret that I am obsessed with my husband right?! Like seriously if you follow me on our Instagram you know that my feed is 5% me and 115% Tan. I have no shame. Seriously. 

So we get a lot of questions about us and our lifestyle and how it all works out. Now when people ask us, "how do you manage to do it?" I am not sure whether they are implying the secrets behind our life of practically living a long distance relationship even though we share the same bedroom and home or if they mean how do we fly by the  seat of our pants ALL. THE. TIME. 

So I don't want to bore you with the exact details behind all of that, but I figured maybe it would help if I introduced ourselves a tad more!

So, Tan works for American Airlines in their IT department. (a huge no on my future spouse list characteristics was computer nerd) Funny how things work out right? So anyway. AA has some serious benefits of working there, but the obvious one being flight benefits. We fly STANDBY. Friends from High School, College and church reach out to me all the time asking me to hook them up with sweet discounts, and honey I WISH I had that kind of a pull or power with AA, but quite frankly I am at the end of every boarding line like all the other standby passengers waiting for the lottery of if there were enough seats to get on or not. I love when people ask me how much money we make to fly that often.. trust me when I say that our flights don't cost a thing I mean it. Well except international those have a few extra fees like taxes we do pay.  So seriously, we aren’t rolling in extra cash to spend on flights. Last year I averaged about 100 flights or so.. that's a lot. ha There is no way on this lovely green planet that I have the means to drop thousands of dollars to fly that often. 

I'll be honest, my luck with flying standby has been INCREDIBLE, and honestly I can't complain. It is not for every individual though. You have got to be okay with people-watching in the SLC airport for 12+ hours because there is just simply not enough space. Trust me I know, thankfully I am a nosy person and love to watch people interact. I am also an expert level sleeper when it comes to sleeping outside of my bed. I can be asleep in 15 seconds on an airport couch or floor. Don't believe me? Fly with me sometime. Seriously, I'd love it! Come along!

Tan works for AA, so what do I do? I do photography full-time as well as run a successful dog sitting business in our home. I did NOT go to college to become a pet sitter, but honestly Tanner and I wouldn't have our lives any other way. We LOVE the flexibility that comes with me working as my own boss. It allows us time to have quick getaway trips or me tag along on his work vacations like I recently did to Las Vegas and will soon be doing with London, England.

Life is funny in so many ways, some people focus on income, others focus on their lifestyle, and some focus on just being together and happy with where life is currently at for them. That's the bracket Tan and I fall in. We loveeee our life. I love him. We love exploring. We both provide income to our little family of 2 and 8 paws. Tanner works an 8-5 job, and I work a full-time job with hours that vary on a weekly if not daily basis sometimes depending on my photography clients as well as dog clients. I am also free to help run and work for my parent's business House of Jos. 

Tanner & I have found that our lifestyle is what makes us happy. We get to travel. Tanner is gone A LOT for work. When those days come around I can either go with him, go see my parents, or stay home and spend time with lots of little extra four legged friends in our home. We love being each other's priority. I love that when he needs me to bring him something to his office I am available. 

Life is never what we expect it to be. So far though, for me it has been a life that I couldn't have dreamed up even in my wildest dreams. I have an incredible husband, a beautiful home, the most wonderful family members, and adventures waiting around every corner. 

I challenge you today- Find the beauty in your life. Let it be known to the world what it is that  makes you.. YOU. (: 

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